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  • Abigail Hassan

Is Vivek Ramaswamy the GOP Candidate to Usher the Next Generation of Voters to the Republican Party?

Vivek Ramaswamy's 2024 presidential campaign marks an interesting entry into the field of Republican candidates throwing their hat in for the highest office in the United States. As one of the youngest billionaires and accomplished biotech and finance entrepreneurs, Ramaswamy brings a unique perspective to the race. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, he is the youngest 2024 GOP Presidential candidate, drawing in Gen Z and Millennial voters as the first candidate to join the TikTok platform. His TikTok collaborations with popular influencers like Jake Paul have garnered him online attention and secured his spot as a candidate who leverages social media and unconventional campaign strategies to engage a broader and younger audience, challenging the traditional norms of political campaigns.

As we approach the third Republican Party Presidential debate on November 8, the pressure rises for candidates to distinguish themselves from the pack and gain traction in the race, articulating their vision for the Republican Party and the nation as a whole.

The qualifications for this next round of debates signify how far these candidates have come. To qualify for participation, candidates must meet stringent criteria, requiring them to secure 70,000 individual donors and reach a polling threshold of four percent in either two national polls or one national poll and two polls from separate early states.

Vivek Ramaswamy's Rise in the 2024 Presidential Campaign

Ramaswamy's campaign has seen a notable rise in attention, partially as a result of his presence during the recent GOP debates. Ramaswamy spoke a majority of the time, articulating his America First vision, calling for foreign policy focused on restricting China, militarizing the Southern border, ending birthright citizenship, regulating teen social media use, and banning gender re-affirming surgeries for those under 18.

His campaign significance lies in his unique policy proposals and outspoken advocacy for constitutional changes, such as implementing civic tests for young voters, because he believes all Americans should be able to pass the same exam immigrants are required to take. Vivek is not a stranger to radical policy proposals as he supports the termination of 75% of the federal workforce, claiming, “The people who we elect to run the government ought to be the ones who actually run the government.” His emphasis on civic pride and a return to fundamental American values follows that of former President Trump and resonates with a growing segment of the GOP base.

The 2024 Presidential Race marks a milestone in U.S. history because, for the first time, two Indian-Americans, Nikki Haley and Ramaswamy, are viable Presidential candidates. Asian American voters make up one of the fastest-growing populations in America, signaling a possible shift in the demographics of the GOP and the broader political landscape.

Along with appealing to Asian Americans, Ramaswamy's campaign has targeted younger generations with his TikTok account. Unlike traditional politicians, he candidly responds to comments and interacts with fellow users. This is in stark contrast to his fellow GOP candidates who have proposed banning the app.

The Push for a Smaller Debate Stage

In a bold move, Ramaswamy's campaign has formally approached the Republican National Committee (RNC), urging a reduction in the number of candidates on the debate stage. Citing concerns over the unwieldy number of participants, Ramaswamy's team has advocated for limiting the debate to the top four contenders.

However, this move raises questions about the potential implications for the broader GOP race. While it may offer a more concentrated spotlight on the leading candidates, critics argue that such a reduction might stifle diversity of opinion and limit the exposure of lesser-known contenders, ultimately shaping the narrative of the Republican primary in unforeseen ways.


While the competition is fierce, Ramaswamy's consistent presence in the top tier of candidates and his capacity to meet the demanding qualification criteria for debates underscore his potential to influence the primary's outcome.

The upcoming third Republican Party presidential debate holds the promise of further elevating Ramaswamy's profile and solidifying his role as a key figure in shaping the GOP's future. Ramaswamy's campaign is poised to leave a lasting mark on the 2024 Republican presidential race, setting the stage for a dynamic and transformative political landscape.


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