The Boston Political Review is an official member of the Society of Undergraduate Humanities Publications. 


The Society of Undergraduate Humanities Publications is a consortium of 21 elite undergraduate journals from across the country.  The official mission of SUHP is to promote innovative, ethical, and diverse scholarship by encouraging the collective research and communities of all participating members. Members are selected by the superb quality of their content.

Other members of SUHP are Northwestern Undergraduate Research Journal, West Point's ReportThe Yale Historical Review, Columbia Journal of History, University of Chicago's Chicago Journal of History, The Berkeley Undergraduate Journal, Georgetown Journal of History, Stanford University's Herodotus Undergraduate History Journal, Rice Historical Review, University of California Berkeley's Clio's Scroll, Berkeley Economic Review, Tempus: The Harvard College History Review, and more.

The Boston Political Review and the rest of SUHP attend a yearly conference. The 2021 conference will be online and open to all current Boston Political Review writers. Additionally, a representative of the Boston Political Review meets with other SUHP representatives monthly. 

More information on the Society of Undergraduate Humanities Publications can be found here.




The Boston Political Review and King's College London's Roar News are doing an official collaboration for the 2020 election season. 

This collaboration has Boston Political Review writers and Roar News writers being cross-published and providing specific content. This collaboration provides unique perspectives on the 2020 election, having both a domestic and foreign interpretation of events. This unique perspective furthers the Boston Political Review's focus on providing nonpartisan content.


This collaboration can be seen under the 2020 election news tab on the Boston Political Review website. It can be additionally found on here on Roar News' website.