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  • Laura Diaz

A message to the Electoral College

Why do we silently scold our Founding Fathers and any governmental authority for building institutions with intent to devalue the people’s voice, despite never failing to give them a reason to? Time and time again, we justify their decision with foolish ones of our own. And, boy have we done it again. On Nov. 8, the American people elected a grossly unqualified man to become the 45th president of the United States. In a move that nearly surprised everyone, except the prescient Michael Moore, Donald Trump swept the electoral map on Election Day, hand-in-hand with the gloom that swept through the majority of Americans that same night. If only we had taken Michael Moore’s prophecy in July more seriously; perhaps we wouldn’t be in the situation we are now, burdened with a one party government as well as an incompetent, unpredictable President-elect whose advisors and Cabinet spout hate-infused rhetoric.

Yet, as bad as we think America’s state is now, it nowhere near compares to how grim the future will mostly likely be under a Trump presidency. First and foremost, Donald Trump is dangerously unqualified to be the President of the United States. Sure, we can give the man the benefit of the doubt, but we all know how this ends, and it will be the biggest mistake we make. First off, what happens when the world can no longer rely on its strongest pillar of security and stability? One of Trump’s most worrying proposals involve him abandoning NATO treaty obligations, an idea that troubles many European countries, particularly the Baltic states. With military threats from Russia looming over their heads, the Baltic states might consider forming an alliance with Moscow, ultimately dividing the continent into all too similar Cold War lines. Not only can the US find itself with fewer European allies under President Trump, Asian countries may also find themselves better off partnering with the ever-rising China. Though, a threat to the international system’s stability isn’t the only thing we would need to worry about for the next four years; Trump’s alarming domestic policies can spell disaster for the country’s future. Once more we revisit the failed concept of trickle-down economics, this time under Trump, whose economic policies rely on the false premise that deregulation and tax cuts will stimulate growth. Therefore, not only will the economy stagnate under Trump’s economic policies, income inequality is bound to widen and deepen as well, considering the country’s top one percent is expected to receive the majority of the benefits from his tax cuts. Moreover, Trump continues to indicate that he will use the power of the Oval Office to further his business ventures. Within the last two weeks of becoming President-elect, and between choosing Cabinet members as far right as one can go, Trump found the time to meet with Indian business partners to negotiate a luxury apartment complex in Mumbai. How can we expect him to put the interests of the American people before his own self-interests if he cannot separate business from government? On top of all of this, the worst is still yet to come, for the American people will see their civil liberties threatened by Trump’s presidency. When government advisors view Japanese-American internment camps as precedent for a Muslim-American registry, everyone’s red flags should be raised high, waved down the streets, and thrown towards the gilded, wretched Trump Tower. Latinos, Jewish people, and other minorities, along with women, all stand to lose in Trump’s America as well, where white nationalists and neo-nazis feel validated and empowered. In essence, Donald Trump is unfit to become president, in that his harmful proposed foreign policy and domestic policies will prompt instability in the international order, the nation’s economy, and in people’s everyday lives.

Therefore, for the reasons stated, plus many more, the Electoral College should reflect the popular vote and elect Hillary Clinton as president on Dec. 19th. The Electoral College was installed for several reasons, one of them being a check on the people, in case the masses found themselves swayed by a demagogue. The bitter irony here is the institution established to prevent such a leader just so happened to hand him the presidency. Except, they have not. Donald Trump has not been elected president yet, and the majority of the American people can still have the presidential candidate they voted for. Requesting that the Electoral College reflect the popular vote is legal, plausible, and faithless electors, those who vote against whom they’re pledged to, have precedent. Over two million more people voted for Hillary Clinton than Trump, so the Presidential Electors should honor the popular vote and fulfill their constitutional duty of averting an unfit president from being sworn in. This is not about giving Hillary Clinton the presidency. This is about the Electoral College doing its constitutional duty and preventing a dangerous demagogue from the highest office in the land, and because nothing is achieved without will and effort, those of us who have felt defeated and fearful since that dreadful Tuesday night must remember that can make a difference! If we are relentless in our resolve, incessant in making our grievances known, genuine change is always nearby, if not in two months, then alas, in four long years.

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