Quinn Chappelle (she/her)

Chappelle is a pre-law student, studying political science and history (CGS '20, CAS '22).


She serves as the co-president and editor in chief of the BPR. 


Chappelle also serves as the vice president at the Harriet E. Richards Cooperative House. She has also fellowed for Senator Ed Markey.

Her hobbies include taking care of her many houseplants, kayaking, and collecting vinyl records.


Ryan Metz (she/her)

Metz is a history student, concentrating in 20th century American political history (CAS '22).


She serves as the vice president and the senior global politics editor for the BPR.


Metz also serves as the district office intern for Congressman Brad Schneider (IL-10).


In her free time, Metz likes to read presidential biographies and go for runs around Boston.


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Katherine Sabido (she/her)

Sabido is a pre-law student, pursuing a dual degree of political science and journalism (CGS '20, CAS '22, COM '22).


She serves as the senior U.S. politics co-editor for the BPR.


Sabido also serves as an internal liaison for the City Affairs department in BU student government. She is also a TA for the College of Communications. She currently interns for City Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George. 


Her hobbies include cooking, cuddling her dog Reeses, and traveling.


Lauren Bear (she/her)

Bear is a business student, studying business administration with concentrations in finance and organizational behavior (QST '22).


She serves as the treasurer and the senior local politics editor of the BPR.


Bear also serves as the vice president of community relations for the sorority Alpha Phi. In addition, she competes on the Boston University Figure Skating Team.


Her hobbies include hiking and exploring Boston.


Caroline Floam (she/her)

Floam is a pre-law student, studying public relations and political science (COM '22, CAS '22).


She serves as the communications director for the BPR.


Floam also serves a crisis and research and media relations director for Unleashed PR. Floam is also a staff writer for BU College of Communication’s The COMmunicator.


Her hobbies include tennis, yoga, traveling, and eating avocado.


Jackson Tarricone (he/him)

Tarricone is a student, studying English, Spanish and economics (CAS '22).


He serves as an associate local politics editor for the BPR. 

Tarricone's hobbies include performing in his band, listening to music, reading, and running along the Charles river.

                      CO-EDITOR IN CHIEF


Justin Dynia (he/him)

Dynia is a political science student, also studying Spanish and history (CAS '22).


He serves as the co-president and editor-in-chief of the BPR.


Dynia's experience in journalism includes reporting for the Long Island Herald and Dig Boston.

He is an avid reader and enjoys exploring the city in his free time.


Brianna Cole (she/her)

Cole is student, studying health science and public policy analysis (SAR '22).


She serves as the senior U.S. politics co-editor for the BPR


Cole also serves as the lead senator for the Health4BU at-large party and the chairwoman of the Rules Committee in BU student government senate. She is also an EMS supervisor and instructor. 


Her hobbies include trying and cooking new foods, watching tv shows, and playing with her new kitten!  


Noah Fischer (he/him)

Fischer is a political science student, also studying Chinese language and literature (CAS '20).


He serves as the secretary and the senior social and business editor for the BPR. 


Fischer is a current research assistant at the BU Center for the Study of Asia. He also worked on research involving various aspects of housing policy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fischer enjoys running, playing music, and traveling.


Frank Serpe (he/him)

Serpe is an international relations student, also studying business administration and management (CAS '21).


Serpe serves as an associate global politics editor at the BPR


Beyond this, he is also the President of BU College Republicans and Chairman of the Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans. Serpe is also a former intern for the  think tank Bright Blue.


In his free time, he enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and taking walks on the Esplanade.