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                      CO EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Adam Shamsi (he/him)

Adam Shamsi is a political science student pursuing BU’s 4-year BA/MA program (CAS 24, GRS ’24, KHC 24).


Shamsi serves as the co-president and editor-in-chief

Shamsi has years of experience in writing and communications and has worked for organizations like the ACLU, Arnold Ventures, and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Shamsi enjoys hanging out with friends and trying new foods in his free time. Shamsi can be reached at

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Sophia Wagner (she/her)

Wagner is a pre-law student, studying political science, with minors in Spanish language and literature, and public policy (CAS ’25). 

Wagner serves as the Vice-President for BPR.

Wagner is also involved in BU’s Women in Law organization. 

As a lifelong dancer, she dedicates most of her free time to ballet, as well as participating in community service, especially in her hometown of Minneapolis. Wagner can be reached at 



Caroline McCord (she/her)

Caroline McCord is a political science student on the pre-law track (CAS '24).


Caroline serves as the Founding President of the BU Prison Outreach Initiative. She is also an Admissions Coordinator, Daily Free Press Opinion Editor, and CAS Dean's Host. Caroline interned for two political campaigns in her home state of Alabama for the 2022 election cycle and spent this past summer as an intern for Concord Prison Outreach in MA.


In her free time, Caroline loves volunteering with the Prison Book Program and Race Prison Justice Arts Project, reading, listening to music, and watching films. She can be reached at

IMG_3454 - Caroline Mccord (1).jpg


Sean Young (she/her)

Sean Young is an International Relations student also studying Journalism (BU'24)

Young is also an Associate Editor for the Europe section in the International Relations Review, a photographer for the Daily Free Press, and the Chief Information Director for BosMUN. She interned virtually during her freshman year for MASSPIRG; she was part of the environmental team. Outside of BU, she volunteers for the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs.

Her hobbies include boxing, and photography. She can be reached at



Sarah Bores (she/her)

Sarah Bores is a pre-law student studying International Relations, Philosophy, and Women's Gender and Sex Studies (CAS '25).


In addition to being a member of Phi Alpha Delta, a pre-law honor society, Bores is a copy editor for the Pre-Law Review and the Music Section editor for Buzz Magazine. She has worked as a legislative intern for Representative Tram Nguyen and presented research on environmental justice and the disproportionate impact of climate change on communities of color and low-income areas.


Her hobbies include reading, listening to music, and skiing. She can be reached at

Bores bpr photo - Sarah Bores (1)-1.png


Sophie Honray (she/her)

Honary is a pre-law student, studying political science and history (CAS ’25). She is also the secretary of BPR.


Honary is also a radio show host for WTBU Radio.

Her hobbies include watching anime, reading, listening to music, and going to the gym. Honary can be reached at



Daniel Zhou (he/him)

Daniel Zhou is a business student, potentially concentrating in marketing and strategy (QST ’25).

He serves as the associate social and business editor for the BPR.


Zhou’s hobbies include trying various foods, playing piano, and walking along the Esplanade. Zhou can be reached at



Liam Fitzpatrick (he/him)

Liam Fitzpatrick is a pre-law political science student (CAS '25, KHC '25).

He currently works as a Law Enforcement Initiatives Intern for the Center for Policing Equity. On campus, he's also a copyeditor with the Emerald Review and the Outreach Coordinator for BU Veteran Assist.

In his free time, Fitzpatrick enjoys reading, listening to music, and eating potato chips. Fitzpatrick can be reached at



Anamaria Popovska (she/her)

Anamaria Popovska is a public relations major (COM ’25) 


Popovska is also a writer for the BUZZ magazine. She is the host of BUTV 10's Pop Showdown and is an anchor on The Wire. Popovska also serves as an admissions ambassador and is active in COM student government. 



Her hobbies include playing tennis, traveling, cycling and hanging out with her friends. Popovska can be reached at


                      CO EDITOR-IN-CHIEF


Maya Shavit

Maya Shavit studies political science with a minor in journalism (CAS ’25).

Shavit serves as the co-president and co-editor-in-chief.

Shavit is an experienced storyteller who has recently published an in-depth corporate giving investigation supported by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. She currently works as a domestic politics research assistant for BU and the graphic design manager of a local nonprofit. 

Shavit loves building community. In her free time, you can catch her in headphones walking the city of Boston. Shavit can be reached at



Cole Whittington (he/him)

Whittington is a political science student, potentially seeking a double major in Economics (CAS ’25, KHC ’25).

Whittington is also a research assistant for an education consulting firm.

His hobbies include investing, watching basketball and football, and traveling. He can be reached at



IMG_3812 - yasmine.jpeg

Yasmine Vakili (she/they)

Yasmine Vakili is a pre-law student studying International Relations with a Middle East/North Africa track and a minor in Spanish (CAS ’25). 


Vakili’s experience in journalism also includes being a writer and editor for the Middle East section in the International Relations Review. They currently work as an Events Intern for the Pardee Forced Migration and Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative. They also serve as a CAS Dean’s Host, Admissions Ambassador, and ASDB and are a member of Delta Phi Epsilon.


She is also involved in the BU Filipino Student Association. They also participate in Pre-Law Society and BU’s Women in Law organization, and model for BU Buzz and Fabrio Magazine.



Anderson Warshaw (he/him)

Warshaw is a music student concentrating in trombone performance, also studying political science and data science (CFA ’24 KHC ’24).

Warshaw is an assistant podcast producer and news correspondent for WTBU News, BU’s news radio. He performs in a number of CFA ensembles: the jazz big band, trombone choir, and symphonic band. He currently interns with the PBS political interview show Common Ground with Jane Whitney. 

In his free time, Warshaw enjoys skateboarding, writing music, reading, and anything else that lets him spend time outside. Warshaw can be reached at


PictureForBPR - Bridgette Bennis.jpeg

Bridgette Bennis

Bennis is a pre-law student studying political science with a minor in history. (CAS '26)

Bennis is also a member of BarMUN, where she acts as an assistant crisis director and a Resident Assistant for Boston University. She has also interned for New York State Assemblyman Karl Brabenec.

In her free time, Bennis loves drawing, exploring Boston, and showing people pictures of her beloved dog, Teddy. Bennis can be reached at


BE892941-6A1E-4163-9C7D-D94675FC3285 - Grayson Mckean (1).jpg

Grayson McKean(she/her)

Mckean is a Political Science student seeking a minor in public policy (CAS'26).


She serves as BU UNICEF's Community Outreach Chair, is a BU Outing Club trip leader, and works for the nonprofit organization H2Alabama.


Some of her hobbies include reading, hiking/camping, traveling, listening to live music, and hanging out at the beach.


CC01620F-FBCD-451D-A9A7-160A556D3D2B - Ogenna Oraedu (2).jpeg

Ogenna Oraedu (she/her)

Ogenna Oraedu is a pre-law student studying political science, potentially seeking a minor in communications (CGS ‘23, CAS ‘25).


Oraedu is currently a writer, editor, and treasurer for The Bunion and The Pinky Toe, BU’s two satire publications. She is the Editorial Associate Editor for Charcoal Magazine, and a member of BU a cappella group Terpsichore. Also, she co-hosts a a radio show for WTBU.


In her free time, Oraedu loves bike rides, movies, listening to music, and spending time with her friends. She can be reached at


77735701-822F-430B-8771-5F2D0B5F82CA_1_105_c - Ruhika Ponda (1).jpeg

Ruhika Ponda (He/Him)

Ruhika Ponda is a pre-law student, studying English with a minor in Core (CAS '25).


Ponda serves as an Associate Justice on the Judicial Branch of the BU Student Government and is also a writer and editor for the Pre-Law Review and The Politica. She is currently conducting a UROP funded research project exploring the perception of truth in social media. I


n her free time, Ponda enjoys participating in MMA (she is a black belt!), reading, and doing puzzles. She grew up in New York City (and is partial to NYC bagels and pizza!), but she loves exploring the city with friends. Ponda can be reached at

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